Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alcohol Inks Tutorial

Supplies: Jim Holtz Alcohol Ink Applicator, Jim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution,
Adirondack Alchohol Inks , Non-porus Item (i.e Glossy card stock, metal, plastic). Here I used a plastic trash container.

Step 1: The Alcohol Ink applicator comes with a strip of felt that you need to put on the bottom of the applicator. Once you've placed the felt on the applicator, take your inks of choice and blot them onto the felt-make sure the colors dont run together.

Step 2. Take the applicator and start "stamping" the color onto your item (remember to "stamp" down in a different direction each time).
Once you cover your item you can either leave it like it is:

you can take the blending solution and add it to your applicator. With the blending solution on the applicator stamp it around your item, like you did with the ink. This gives it more of a marbled look.

Step 3. Let it dry and you're done!


bree said...

it looks great buddy. im off to try that other pic paper to see if it cracks too :( hopefully not

rebecca said...

Nice!! The blending solution really makes a difference. Thanks for the tutorial.

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Timothy Brown said...

Nice creativity