Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Yes today I'm a quarter of a century old! I just wanted to say I'm sorry I haven't posted the last few days, the RX the doc put me on has me literally sleeping 22 or more hours a day. To be honest I'd much rather be sleeping than having a seizure! So, since I don't have anything to post today I thought I would post the seven random facts about myself (Stampmouse tagged me a few weeks ago). So here we go:
1. My all time favorite color is purple-even though nothing on my side of the office is that color and my room is teal and chocolate.

2. My parents literally live less than two miles away and my grandmother lives right at two.

3. My DD hit the terrible two's a little early; and let me say she gives "terrible two's" a whole new meaning!

4. I found out I had a partial frontal-lobe seizure disorder two days after my 18th birthday.

5. This is gross but random-in H.S. I would go months without shaving my legs (that is if I didn't have a boyfriend)

6. I want to try for a second baby this summer.

7. When I get my own studio (hopefully soon) I want to paint it a deep lavender with white trim and white crown molding.

Again I'm sorry for the lack of postings and I really do appreciate all your warm comments!


Bree Stanley said...

happy birthday buddy!!!!!!!!! Sorry bout yest.....ill call you lata!!!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Sis!


Toni said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fantastical weekend!!!


melanie said...

Happy Birthday

Tami in OH said...

Happy Birthday and glad to see you back - hope you are feeling better soon!

Diane said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!